Meiho Rod Stand BM-290 Slide

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An innovative and versatile rod stand design, specially tailored for the Bucket Mouth series and the Run Gun System Box. The three styles you mentioned—Standard, Slide, and Free—offer users flexibility in how they interact with the stand, catering to different preferences and fishing scenarios.

The Slide Style seems particularly advantageous for its ease of tackle change and knot rearrangement, as well as minimizing line tangling issues. And the inclusion of multi-purpose holders on both sides of the stand body adds to its adaptability and customization options, allowing anglers to personalize their setup according to their specific needs and preferences.

Widening the stand hole diameter to 45mm also addresses a common inconvenience by making it easier to insert and remove rods, enhancing the overall user experience. This attention to detail and user-centric design approach can certainly make this rod stand stand out in the market for its functionality and convenience.

Stand body, attachment: polycarbonate resin
Cap: elastomer resin
Clear Black
JAN code
4963189・616515 (Clear Black)
4963189・616522 (Clear)