Meiho Quattro Case J

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A joint series that is convenient for storing connection fittings such as snaps and gimmick parts is used in lure games. It is divided into 4 rooms, and each room can be opened and closed individually. You can smoothly take out only the items you need. If you divide the room into small pieces, it is ideal for storing parts such as split rings and snaps. Furthermore, by removing the partition and using it for multiple purposes, it is a quattro specification specialized for storing small items that supports even large offset hooks.

Two systems can be stored in the upper plate of BM-5000, VS-7080 / 7080N, VS-7070 / 7070N, VS-7055 / 7055N.
175 x 105 x 18 mm
Body: Polypropylene
HG, 8 variable dividers included