Meiho Oricon drink holder BM

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It can be attached to the multi-purpose holders of the bucket mouse series and the Langan system BOX series, the multi-holder BM, and the side pocket BM-120. Not only can it be used as a drink holder, but it is also ideal for storing tools such as pliers. When not in use, by folding the sides of the main unit, it does not get in the way even in limited spaces such as on boarding ships, so it can be used anywhere.

<BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7090N, VS-7080, VS-7080N, VS-7070, VS-7070N, VS-7055, VS-7055N, multi-holder BM-25, BM-30 , can be attached to the side pocket BM-120>
POM resin

98 x 93 x 100 mm
Inside dimensions: 76 x 76 x 93 mm
Folded: 98 x 36 x 100 mm
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