Mazzy Popper

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Mazzy Popper

MP-55 : 55mm / 9.5g 

Mazzy popper was born as a versatile top water plug that can be used for everything from wide area fishing to pin spot fishing. We have thoroughly pursued body balance and can handle everything from popping, slow to fast retrieval, regardless of the angler's skill level, with ease and at a high level. The unprecedentedly wide lip of a popper firmly grips the water, and the movement distance is small when popping, and the synergistic effect with the fixed center of gravity at the rear allows it to start moving quickly, making it easy to use under overhangs, along the reeds, and along the steep shores of reservoirs. You can produce a variety of actions even in scenes that you want to show for a long time. However, when reeling, it has a flashy wobbling action with a strong roll, and by adjusting the rod work and speed during retrieval, you can freely create water depth and ripples (undertow). When the twitch is engaged, the feather of the rear hook moves softly, producing a series of knocking actions with a short distance of movement.
In addition, the large snap that comes with the line eye, along with the front hook eye that is deeply embedded in the body, has the role of preventing the hook from picking up the line when used as a popper or when simply tying the twitch to the winding. Therefore, it is best to use it as is.
The best suitable tackle is fast taper medium class bait tackle with 10-14lb nylon line.

How to Use

  • [How to use Mudgee Popper] Popping


    The structure makes it easy to dive, so bites are concentrated after popping. There are few bites that explode the water surface, but the movement is easy to suck.

  • [How to use Muzzy Popper] Twitch


    However, it is an effective technique when you cannot get a bite during winding. It reflexively uses its mouth to dart left and right. It is best to do this immediately after passing through an obstacle.

  • [How to use Mudgee popper] Just roll it

    just roll

    It's called a popper, but it's also a great crankbait! ! Great effect not only near the shore but also in open areas!