Maria Mama Worm Soft Aji Flutter

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In recent years, many anglers have been out in the field targeting horse mackerel and are enjoying Ajing fishing.
Throughout the day, there are many cases where you cannot hook up due to the tide or high pressure.
"Mamaworm Soft Aji Flutter" specializes in slow fishing in order to capture the ever-changing and severe situations.
The "Aji Flutter", which was designed to aim at low-activity horse mackerel slowly, catches water with lift and fall action, like a flag, as opposed to the slim crawler developed to efficiently aim at high-activity horse mackerel. It receives fluttering water and slows down.
Equipped with a "dimple flat tail" to sink more slowly and generate minute waves.
Like the other series of Mama Worm Soft, it uses a flexible and strong material (SS-X), which makes it possible to bring a horse mackerel suction bite into hooking.


Capture low activity horse mackerel with slow fall! A worm designed exclusively for Ajing!

● 2.3 inches. slow fall designed.
● Luminous based, which is the best to use day and night for Ajing.
● 8pc per pack


Dimple flat tail

Dimple shape: A bumpy shape like the surface of a golf ball. The characteristics of dimple shapes differ greatly depending on the size, number, and shape. It has the function of smoothing the water flow that is caught in the opposite direction of travel. As a result, it produces micro-waves in retrieve and increases the surface area of ​​the flat tail in lift and fall, pushing water to create a stream of water and appealing to horse mackerel.