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Maria Duck Dive F230

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Duckdive has a slim shape and has a small caliber cup so that the angler can operate it without changing tackle balance.

When making the rod action, the posture of Duckdive will keep nearly level due to the weight moving system. After making rod action, the position of normal poppers are not stable. This irregular movement sometimes makes the fish caution. As soon as we make a rod action, the small cup receives the water pressure and generates attractive bubbles. In addition to making bubbles, the moving distance is suppressed due to the water resistance.

This means that we can trace the good spot as long as possible. The castability is almost as same as Rapido F230 due to the slim shape and weight moving system. ⇒There has been concept that Popper is difficult for us to cast far away.

Size : 230mm
Weight : 95gm
Type : Floating

Hook not included.
※ Recommended Treble hook thick shaft # 4/0 ~ 5/0 or single hook 8g ~ 11g

Ring not included
※ Recommended size 9