Jigaro Massive Offshore Spec 180gm

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The basic specs that have built up a track record are not selected for any scene and the weight is increased to the offshore stage.

The performance that requires a small silhouette and high response are useful for shore and offshore games.

Added 180g and 200g to cope with situations affected by water depth and tidal currents that could not be attacked with the current weight of up to 150g. Instead of a flashy slide action, it appeals to "do not move too much", and while it is good at linear movement, it also demonstrates the turning performance of Jiga Rollies by controlling rod work and line slack.

The color lineup is also new, in addition to bait colors that are close to the silhouette, UV and glow colors that create flickering effects and appeal in various situations are applied to enhance the performance of jigs.

JM-180 180g 150mm 6 colors