Jackson Freak Set

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The metal plate is reminiscent of the chatter bait, but is quite different and there are two models, the plate eye and the head eye model. The Plate Eye gives the rubberworm trailer an action with Yotayota by applying water pressure to the plate and it can act delicately or boldly. With the head eye the plate lays across the head and flashes and hits the head creating a clicking and cracking sound that attracts the fish, meanwhile the water flow is broken by this movement flowing across the back of the rubber tail causing it to move in a jerking motion. The motion of the lure, the sounds and the movements attract the predatory fish from some distances enticing the strike. The flexible hook set up allows for maximum hook up rates and allows the hook to move freely once the fish is hooked to keep the hook in the fished move during the fight regardless of the fish’s directional changes.