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A Better Fish Grip, affordable and durable!

The high-Quality stainless steel material used to build this lasting Grip that gives the Grip a self-weight 410gm

Improved Features

The Jaw

Normal Grip can open 20mm max, while ours can open 25mm, which allow you to pick up most of your catches.

A self-lock structure can catch fish firmly, no fish escape.

Increase the thickness of jaws and rounded, which can protect the fish lip from getting hurt.

The End Cap

Aluminum end cap, which is stronger fixed with the inside parts.

The Handle

Built with PVC handle, stronger and non-slip even when wet.

The handle is rotatable, so it can hold fish firmly even when the fish wriggles a lot, as well as to reduce damage to the fish.

The Weighting Scale

Precise measurement, up to every lb engraved.

30lb / 14kg scale