Hapyson Battery-operated LED Underwater fishing light YF-500

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LED version equipped with the light in the water fishing light that is favorable reception "1 / f fluctuation" the (AUTO) mode debuts
received the bait in white LED, LED and 500nm fish react most "1 / f fluctuation It becomes a shortcut to catch a certain stimulate the feeding behavior of fish "
It is equipped with a 500nm wavelength LED fish react most of the (blue-green)
To stimulate the feeding behavior of fish in the light of "1 / f fluctuation"
State of water can be observed well by the deployment of white LED


  • About 10 hours / auto mode Continuous: All on (20 ℃ at the time) battery life about 40 hours of continuous
  • (Panasonic when using alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions about φ123 × 300mm
  • (Including alkaline batteries) mass about 1.6kg
  • Accessories 30m rope rope winding
  • Battery not included.