Gamakatsu No.12299 Mutsu Ring Eye

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Circle hooks are fishing hooks with an exaggerated curve, designed to produce firmer sets and avoid hooking fish in the stomach or gut.

  • Designed to secure the corner of the fish's mouth or jaw instead of stomach or gut.
  • Sharply curved back in circular shape
  • Can be used with live baits or artificial lures
  • Secured the catch with circle hook
  • Easier to set
  • Magic Ring Eye

Size: Japanese No. 16 (10pcs/bag)
Size: Japanese No. 18 (9pcs/bag)
Size: Japanese No. 20 (8pcs/bag)
Size: Japanese No. 22 (7pcs/bag)

They cause LESS tissue damage and are more preferable for catch-and-release fishing.