Gamakatsu Live Bait Bucket with Rod Holder

Gamakatsu Live Bait Bucket with Rod Holder

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●It is a water bucket equipped with a rod holder. 

●Because it comes with a mesh lid, it can be used to prevent fish from jumping and also as a scallop. Equipped with a rod holder. Small items other than rods can also be stored. 

●Equipped with one D ring. - Comes with an 8m nylon rope with a non-slip resin finish. - Since it comes with a carabiner, it can be easily attached to a bag or the like. 

●Since it incorporates a sinker, it is easy to draw water.

Material: EVA (1mm thick)

Size: <Body> D210 x W210 x D210mm 8m rope
   <Rod holder> D40 x W45 x H150mm

Weight: Approx. 466g