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Not only winding but also twitching and jerk at a high level

  • Just rolling shows a sparkling rolling action.
  • In twitching and jerking, it provokes a part-time job by pretending to be a small fish that flings left and right.
  • Due to the fixed center of gravity, the action rises quickly, and it is possible to make the action bite immediately after the start of retrieve.

Sinking Type


  • lens finish

    International Patent

    The "lens finish" inside the body spreads the brilliance over a wide area! Induce a reaction bite! Complex color changes of baitfish are also realistically reproduced.

  • inner hologram sheet

    The hologram sheet built into the body continues to shine without peeling off no matter how damaged it is.

  • sharp dirt performance

    By giving weight to the lens cut part on the back, it assists the lure to fall down when jerk. Produces a sharp and big dirt action.

  • Fixed center of gravity specification with good response

    Since it swims faster after landing than the model that moves the center of gravity, it is possible to attack without waste even in situations where you are aiming for a tight structure.