Duel L-BASS CRANK DD 50F F1219

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Hit the bottom! Staggered bottom knocking deep crankbait.


  • When retrieving, it shows a tricky action that wobbles and meandering left and right.
  • Despite its compact size of 50mm, it can dive up to 3m at once.
  • The high float design also has excellent rooting avoidance performance, so it is possible to attack by knocking and licking the bottom!
  • diamond lens finish

    International Patent


    The "lens finish" inside the body spreads the brilliance over a wide area! Induce a reaction bite! While the built-in polyhedral lens shape expresses fish scales, it also realistically reproduces the complex color changes of baitfish. When swimming, it diffuses and appeals to the bus!


  • irregular action

    By intentionally giving weight to the lens part, it is easy to produce irregular actions and induce reaction bites.

  • Fixed center of gravity specification with good response

    Since it swims faster after landing than the model that moves the center of gravity, it is possible to attack without waste even in situations where you are aiming tight such as structures and overhangs.


size weight ring size hook size Flying distance range type
50mm 10g #3 #6 30m 3m floating