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Duel HARDCORE® X4 Egging 150m

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Egging model appeared in hardcore X4

Micro Pitch 4 Braided

Ultra PE is micro-pitch braided (4-piece set), and is a strong, firm, and easy-to-use PE line.

It has excellent low elongation and good motion transmission rate unique to Easy Power PE, and you can move the lure efficiently with fine rod work and reeling operation.


Micro pitch braided processing

Micro Pitch 4 Braided Ultra PE is micro-pitch braided (4-piece set), and is a strong, firm, and easy-to-use PE line.

It has excellent low elongation unique to Easy Power PE, has a good motion transmission coefficient, and can move the lure efficiently with fine rod work and reeling operation.



Precautions for handling PE line

-The thread of the PE line may break if an unexpected force is applied, or if the PE line is pulled by applying an impact with sudden acceleration.
・ From the viewpoint of environmental protection, do not throw the PE line to the fishing spot, but take it home and dispose of it.
-If the PE line is left for a long time in a high-temperature place or in an environment exposed to direct sunlight, its strength will decrease. Please store the line in a dark place and a low-temperature place as much as possible.
-The PE line has excellent surface slippage, so when making knots, tighten it so that tension is applied firmly and evenly.
-The PE line deteriorates when used.
The length of the dyeing and marking color may vary slightly depending on how the load is applied and the usage conditions. Please consider us as a guide.
-Since it is a PE line, the label display is a reference pattern. Use this as a rough guide for the amount of reel thread wound.
・ Because of the nature of the material, it is sensitive to heat, so when winding it on a reel, it is recommended that you wind it by sandwiching the line with a wet cloth so that heat is not generated as much as possible at low speed.
・ We do not use materials that are not desirable for environmental hygiene, but please wash off the color that adheres to the skin such as your hands and never put it in your mouth.
・ Please note that some commercially available coating agents contain ingredients that remove color and coating.


10m×3color Marking system

Spec information

Model number

Size (issue) MAX(Lbs.) MAX(kg) AVE(kg) Color
H3284 0.6 12 5.4 3.6 3 colors (green / white / orange)
H3285 0.8 14 6.4 4 3 colors (green / white / orange)
H3286 1 18 8 6 3 colors (green / white / orange)