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Product Summary

With the newly adopted "stability fin" exclusively for tip run, anyone can easily stop with a snap!

Two stabilizing fins control vertical and horizontal blurring that squid hates.
Embrace without hesitation!!

  • Double glow® body

    A body color that squid is most interested in, with both the luminous power of luminous (wavelength: 520nm) and the visibility of blue luminous (wavelength: 488nm). Because you can quickly make the squid notice and hold it, you can instantly identify the color of the day!

  • Newly Adopted “Stabilizing Fin”

    The two "stabilizing fins" control the up, down, left, and right shakes that squid hates, and let them hold it without hesitation.

  • Double Glow® is also used for stabilizing fins.

    *DLGU / DLBM / DLOI / KVUP / KVO only

  • Shrimp sound

    Reproduce the sound that echoes in the water when the shrimp bends its tail and escapes. Sound in water is about 4.4 times louder than in air.
    That's why it appeals so well.

  • Patapata® fins


    The fins vibrate with a slight current, and the waves make a furious appeal. Switch ON the predatory instinct more easily!

  • polyhedral flash body

    Strong appeal to distant squid by flashing momentarily

  • Real Head®

    Slim & compact real head considering sharpness in deep water

  • Trick hook Keimura specification


    Drastically reduced rooting. High recovery rate because the needle stretches moderately. Keimura specification with even higher appeal.


  • Body color display at a glance

    double glow body
    luminous body
    blue noctilucent body
    keimura body

  • green eye

    Uses "Green Eye" for rattle

  • DUEL Egi
    body color usage




blue luminous marble pink

  • number fishing master
  • blue noctilucent

Anyway, recommended color for those who want to catch a lot. Achievements come with origami.


blue luminous purple pink

  • blue noctilucent

The highly colored pink background on the purple background of the silhouette appeal is a color that can be used in any situation.



blue luminous chart blue

  • blue noctilucent

A color that stimulates and inspires with the contrast between the base and the background color. have a reactive effect.