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Outstanding search power!!

Industry's first!! Adopts Double Glow® body!!

Weight (15g)

Sinking speed (Approximately 3.5s/m)

  • Double Glow® Body

    The body color that squids are most likely to be interested in, as it combines the luminous power of night light (wavelength: 520 nm) and the visibility of blue night light (wavelength: 488 nm).
    Since you can quickly make the squid notice and hold it, you can instantly identify the color of the squid that day!

  • “Ebi-sound” adopted

    Reproduces the sound that echoes underwater when a shrimp bends its tail and escapes. The speed of sound in water is approximately 4.4 times that in air.
    That's why it has great appeal.

  • Snagless sinker

    A sinker with reduced pulling resistance.

  • trick hook round

    The hook has a high recovery rate even if it gets stuck, and has a new round shape that makes it difficult to disassemble.