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Daiwa TB Magnet

Daiwa TB Magnet

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Convenient goods that can be attached to the tackle box (DAIWA TB series; Meiho BM5000 / BM7000 / BM9000)

■ Easy installation just by pushing it into the back of the TB series and Meiho BM5000 / BM7000 / BM9000 lid.

■ Small metal items such as pliers can be attached to the outer surface of the lid, and assist hooks can be attached to the inner surface of the lid.

■ Prevents small metal items placed on the lid from falling in scenes where there is wind or swaying of the ship.



Product features
■ Strength of magnetic force
Left: strong
surface, right: weak surface logo The concave surface is strong (quite strong magnetic force), and the convex surface is weak.
■ Example of using the surface of the lid It
does not slip off even if the ship such as pliers shakes or gusts.
■ Example of using the back side of the lid
Easy-to-use arrangement is possible without cluttering metal accessories for gimmick work.