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King of Thinking Prop Bait "Steez Prop" fully supervised by Koji Hasegawa.

1. Equipped with a super spin shaft (saxus processing), the propeller spins easily with light force!
2. Our selling point is our ability to respond with a focus on capturing big bass!

Responsiveness ~ The road to a big bass ~

The STEEZ prop was developed to capture big bass, and all of its features appear in its voluminous body. Thanks to its voluminous body, it has the ability to respond to various situations to capture big bass.
Secure your own weight so that you can easily cast with a bait tackle (with thick thread). Stable flight distance for a long productive zone. This STEEZ prop is versatile enough to handle a variety of situations, including the ability to cast stably even in strong winds and withstand bad weather.

The major difference from the Gastonade is that the overall volume has increased and it is designed to be compatible with heavy duty tackle. Both the front and rear are equipped with #4 hooks as standard, and can be firmly hooked on the hard mouth of a lunker size to reduce breakage. The heavy weight, which is designed for casting with heavier bait tackle, produces a stable flight distance in any situation and succeeds in securing a longer productive zone.

daiwa technology

A surface treatment technology with amazing penetration power that could not be achieved with conventional plating treatments. By applying a special fluorine-based plating treatment to the surface of the hook, the sticking performance is increased by up to 40% (average about 20%) compared to conventional coating firmness (our company's comparison), and it can eliminate small bites that could not be matched up until now. Catch short bites without missing any.

Product details

■High strength propeller
The vertical creases in the propeller prevent the propeller from deforming even when subjected to strong impacts such as landing on water or being bitten by a large fish. As the body size increases and the overall weight of the lure increases, the impact that the propeller receives when it lands on the water increases. The fact that the propeller does not deform means that the lure always maintains a constant performance. This has greatly improved the drawback of conventional prop baits, which required the prop bait to be bent every time a fish was caught.
■Super spin shaft + high rotation prop
Each part such as the heaton and cup washer is processed to increase rotational force, making it possible to produce stable rotation regardless of the retrieve speed from ultra-low to ultra-high speed. You can clearly see the difference by watching the comparison video. Depending on the body color, there are some that use silver pella without Sakusa processing. The purpose of this is to place more emphasis on the fish-attracting effect of flashing, and to adjust the color balance of the entire lure.