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A superior product crafted with unwavering dedication in pursuit of the perfect plastic diving pencil.

The Saltiga Dive★Star 220F is a diving pencil meticulously developed with a singular focus on creating a top-tier lure capable of true competition. Throughout the journey of crafting this top water plug for big game fishing, I encountered numerous significant obstacles, each one testing my resolve and nearly prompting me to give up. After a long wait, it is finally ready for release.

■ Commitment:
"Our goal is to design a diving pencil that is user-friendly for everyone."
To achieve this, we recognized the importance of thoroughly examining its fundamental performance. Firstly, achieving remarkable casting distance to reach distant hotspots or targets swiftly. Maintaining stable flight posture during casting is crucial; any rotation or instability during flight could compromise the casting distance. Dive★Star has been meticulously engineered with precise weight distribution, keeping its body weight at 105g (125g including the hook), ensuring comfortable casting even with its 220mm size. The stress-free casting distance will bring anglers closer to encountering large fish.

■ Action:
Even with strong and abrupt jerking motions, it resists jumping out of the water. Upon entry, the flat part of the head catches the water, enabling the lure to achieve an ideal diving action with simple rod movements. Even if a large fish is hooked in the depths, the strong side waves will accentuate the lure on the water's surface, attracting the attention of other fish.
The body design was meticulously crafted by analyzing fish skin in 3D and replicating it with a hologram effect. By layering striped patterns that mimic scales, we succeeded in creating a shimmer resembling that of a live fish. This hologram, named "ADEL," is an original creation resulting from a collaboration between Daiwa and Murata Kinpaku Group, a renowned gold leaf manufacturer established in the first year of the Keio era. This marks its world premiere installation. Additionally, the head's mouth is colored to enhance visibility, making it stand out even in rough waters.
Furthermore, the lure is equipped with a triple hook featuring a heavy shank for strength and rust resistance. It is secured with a 230LB strong split ring, providing peace of mind even when unexpected large fish are hooked.


Specification details
■Crafting a Body Shape Easily Maneuverable by All The design features a flat head and sides that produce powerful waves. Our focus was on achieving a floating slide action right after each jerk. This maneuverability ensures that your target remains enticed, allowing you to swiftly lure it in without hesitation.
■Equipped with Heavy Shank Thick Shaft Treble Hook. Our commitment to perfection extends to the hook, which comes as standard equipment. We've meticulously balanced the treble hook and split ring to provide an all-inclusive solution. Crafted from robust heavy wire material, the hook boasts a TIN coating for rust resistance, ensuring its suitability for unexpected encounters with large fish. Additionally, it's customizable to fit the angler's preferences, with options for separately sold hooks. Adjustments such as downsizing the hook for enhanced wobbling or upsizing for added stability can be made, expanding the versatility of this fishing tool.

■Introducing New Hologram Technology "Adel" Inspired by Fish Skin To delve deep into understanding the intricate details of fish skin, we embarked on a journey of 3D analysis, translating our findings into holographic imagery. Recognizing the scale-covered surface of a fish's body, we meticulously layered simplified striped patterns to imbue our product with a shimmer akin to that of a living fish. Named "Adel," this hologram draws inspiration from the luminous quality of fish skin, representing a groundbreaking collaboration between Daiwa and Murata Kinpaku Co., Ltd., a prestigious gold leaf manufacturer established in the first year of Genroku. This groundbreaking innovation marks the world's inaugural implementation of such technology.

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