Daiwa Reel - 21 LUVIAS AIRITY

Daiwa Reel - 21 LUVIAS AIRITY

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Finesse Custom

FC: Finesse Custom
21 LUVIAS AIRITY lineup includes models with "Finesse Custom" in addition to the original model. The counts used for more delicate fishing below 2500, such as bass, area trout, aging, and mebaring, are designed to be even lighter. The body adopts the lightest compact body in the 21 LUVIAS AIRITY series, and in the original model, the handle shaft using stainless steel has been changed to a lighter aluminum shaft. In addition, in order to further reduce the weight, the mag shield of the line roller has been deliberately removed. While carefully assessing the usage environment, we pursued the optimum balance between lightness and rigidity, and completed uncompromising customization.

    • FC LT1000S-P


      Light game compatible model such as trout, aging, rockfish game. The lightness of 150g is a big advantage in delicate fishing using a light lure. The FC LT1000S-P, which is intended for use in area trout and aging where winding sensitivity is important, is equipped with an ultra-lightweight high-grip I-type finesse knob as standard equipment. Line capacity is nylon 2.5lb-100m, PE 0.3-200m

      [Target fish guideline]
      Area trout, aging, mevalling, etc.

  • FC LT2000S-P

    FC LT2000S-P