Daiwa 24 SEABORG G400J/JL Electric Reel

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Daiwa 24 SEABORG G400J Electric Reel

Light and sensitive "TOUGH LIGHT MONSTER²" Compatible with electric jigging / High durability (G = motor 3 year warranty) / High power / Lightweight 600g

TOUGH LIGHT MONSTER2 is based on SEABORG 400J and has even higher durability.
Equipped with a highly durable, high-power MAGMAX-G motor, achieving four times the durability of the base model. Produces responsive rotational feel and power.
Because it is highly durable, you can not only aim for larger fish that are a notch higher, but also use electric jigging to target fish such as dragonflies, yellowfin tuna, and amberjack.


JOG power lever
By moving the position of the power lever to the center of the body and changing its shape from a lever to a jog dial style, you can wind up and turn on and off the clutch with a single thumb of the hand holding the rod, freeing up your free hand from operating the lever. You can completely release it and concentrate on rod operation. The flexible operation with one thumb allows delicate lever operation, making it possible to control the winding speed at will.

Using our unique technology, DAIWA was the first in the world to successfully transform the ball bearing itself into a mag shield. The magnetic liquid wall prevents water and foreign matter from entering the ball bearing, greatly eliminating rust, salt buildup, and noise while maintaining the ball bearing's original rotational performance.

A slide brush motor that uses special neodymium magnets and has excellent response and durability.
Excellent instantaneous power, and motor durability is 4 times longer than conventional MAGMAX. Hoisting operations can be done as desired by the angler. Also, since it has torque, you can easily wind it slowly.
*3 year 300 km motor warranty (new warranty)
*FF magmite structure