DAIICHISEIKO MULTI STAND 130 & Handrail Mounting Adaptor

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It’s perfect for squid seeker metal and vertical contact horse mackerel lures.
A multi-purpose rod stand allows changeable styles (rod keeper and rod stand styles).
You can change the style by turning the pipe around.
Both styles are compatible with both spinning and bait tackle.

SPECCompatible rod diameter: Up to 36 mm
Clamp mounting width: 15 to 130 mm (vertical and horizontal mounting)
Rod angle: Eight levels of up/down and free swivel angle
Material: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
Equipped with a line hook
Handle ring included
Weight: 588 g
Storage size: 255×135×74mm

Rod keeper style
The rod can be held at an angle instead of vertically, which prevents the tangling of lures that have leaders, such as squid seeker metal and vertically controlled horse mackerel lures.
Rod stand style
It is useful when you change fishing points.
A locking function is available for a standing rod.
Equipped with a line hook
The product is equipped with a line hook to temporarily secure a line with a lure attached, preventing the rod tip from breaking unexpectedly.
Possibly Jerking
Can be Jerrking with the product
Mounted horizontally or vertically
It is possible to mount the product either horizontally or vertically to suit the shape and width of the boat’s edge. (Effective width for clamp mounting: 15-130 mm)
Angle adjustable
Rod angle: Eight levels of up/down and free swivel angle
Clamp compatibility



This option allows the installation of tools, such as the Uketaro, Chibi Lark, and Multi Stand 130, on the handrails of the boat.

[Supported Models]
• Chibi Lark/Chibi Lark Type S
• Multi Stand 130
• Free Stand/Free Stand 130
• Uketaro/Uketaro 130
• Super Uketaro/Super Uketaro 130
• Ukejiro/Ukejiro 130
• Super Ukejiro/Super Ukejiro 130
• Ryoujiku Ukejiro/Ryoujiku Uketaro 130


● Size:
Fixed side adapter: 40 mm × 60 mm × 21 mm
Adapter on washer side: 40 mm × 56 mm × 34 mm
● Weight: 78 g (with large O-ring installed)
● Materials: Glass fiber reinforced plastic (body)/Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) (O-ring)
● Accessories: Adapter (fixed side and washer side) × one each, O-ring (a large one with an inner dia. of approx. 56 mm and a small one with an inner dia. of approx. 42 mm) × one each, and silicone band × two (one for a spare)
Usage example
Usage example
Mountable pipe diameter
[20 - 35 mm dia.]
Chibi Lark/Chibi Lark Type S

[20 - 40 mm dia.]
Multi Stand 130/Free Stand (130)
Uketaro (130)/Super Uketaro (130)
Ukejiro (130)/Super Ukejiro (130)
Ryoujiku Uketaro (130)
[How to use] 1. Select the O-ring.
[How to use] 1. Select the O-ring.

[Large O-ring]
Chibi Lark/Chibi Lark Type S/Multi Stand 130
Uketaro 130/Super Uketaro 130/Super Ukejiro 130/Super Ukejiro 130/Ryoujiku Uketaro 130

[Small O-ring]
Free Stand/Free Stand 130 Uketaro/Super Uketaro/Ukejiro/Super Ukejiro/Ryoujiku Uketaro
[How to use] 2. Attach the O-ring to the adapter on the fixed side.
Use a silicone band to attach the O-ring to the fixed side adapter.

(1) Thread the silicone band through the O-ring.
(2) Hook the O-ring onto the adapter and slide the silicone band all the way inside.
(3) Turn the O-ring over while holding the silicone band with your fingers. If the silicone band looks like the enlarged figure (A), turn the O-ring over again.
[How to use] 3. Attach the fixed side adapter to the clamp.
Attach the fixed side adapter to the clamp by turning the installed O-ring around and hooking the O-ring.

[How to use] 4. Attach the washer-side adapter to the clamp.
Unbuckle the buckle from the washer-side adapter and attach the adapter clamping to the washer.
[How to use] 5. Attach the rod keeper.
Tighten and secure the clamp screws while aligning the washer-side adapter with the boat’s side pipe structure, such as a handrail.

Make sure that the product is rigidly fixed in place before use.

* Both adapters are symmetrical in design, and there are no restrictions on orientation.