Abu Garcia Cardinal Ⅲ SX

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 Full model change with screw-in handle!

The popular Cardinal SX is now available in a renewed lineup with a stylish screw-in handle! 

Shallow and deep spool specifications that can be used for everything from black bass and trout lure games to embankment egging and bait fishing. Comes with deep groove graphite replacement spool.


Rocket Line Management SystemTM

1. Spool Design - Abu Garcia's unique Rocket Spool Lip releases line from the spool more smoothly and evenly.
2. Oscillation System - The slow oscillation system allows you to wind line onto the spool more smoothly and evenly with the optimal winding angle.
3. Bale - The unique bail opening angle controls the optimal line loop as the line is released from the spool lip, allowing the line to pass smoothly through the rod's first stripping guide.

graphite replacement spool

Comes with a deep graphite spool that is convenient as a backup when fishing.

screw-in handle

Stylish screw-in handle that prevents wobbling during installation.

Product features

  • 3 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Graphite body & rotor
  • machine cut aluminum spool
  • Rocket line management system
  • screw-in handle
  • Deep groove graphite replacement spool