23 Calamaretti UX 23GCALUC-582MH-S ≪METAL SUTTE MODEL≫

23 Calamaretti UX 23GCALUC-582MH-S ≪METAL SUTTE MODEL≫

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Calamaletti UX
<Metal Sutte Model>


Technical operability is the true value of Calamaretti.


In preparation for the increasingly exciting Metal Sutte game, the ``Metal Sutte Model'' has finally debuted from the entry model Karamaretti UX series. By applying the UX manufacturing method to the Nuvo Calamaretti base and rebuilding it, we have achieved performance that is unbelievable for an entry-level model in both sensitivity and operability.


<Solid tip>
A short length model that supports up to MAX 35 and is easy to handle. We did not use high-modulus carbon, but instead thickly wrapped low-modulus ultra-thin carbon prepreg to create a muscular blank. The tip is soft, the butt is firm, and the most distinctive feature is the flexible bending action.
Power Action Weight
Top Dia
PE (No.)
1.73 MH Extra-Fast 92 89.5 0.9 2 MAX35 0.4-1.2



By thickly wrapping low-elastic ultra-thin carbon prepreg, the blank has a muscular feel, yet its most distinctive feature is its flexible action. By adopting "Graphite Cloth LV" in the butt section, we have adjusted the torsional and crushing rigidity to the optimum feeling while reducing weight.
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The tip section uses a stainless steel frame SiC ring guide that automatically releases tangles, drastically reducing thread tangles. A stainless steel frame SiC-S ring guide is used for the belly and butt.
The joint part uses a high-precision spigot ferrule (inro joint) to achieve a smooth bending curve.
Adopts an ECS reel seat that allows for highly sensitive and delicate operation.
Adopts a separate EVA grip with excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Achieved weight reduction and improved operability.


*This product is manufactured by our company at our factory in China or Vietnam under strict quality control.