Yozuri EGI AURIE-Q® CLOTH #2.5/#3.0

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 Inheriting traditional performance and realizing further evolution!


The quick dart and stable fall attract bigfin reef squid!!
The pronoun "AURIE-Q®" for fishing egi is now available!!

With a gentle and stable fall posture, it
is easy to hold even small squid with weak swimming ability.


  • A1030N / Size 2.5 / 10gm / About 5.3 sec/m
  • A1031N / Size 3.0 / 14.5gm / About 3.7 sec/m

  • Adopted "color bird hair" that allows you to see the body color at a glance

    luminous body
    Blue Luminous Body / Super Blue Luminous Body
    keimura body
    kay red body
    clear body

  • snagless sinker

    Sinker with reduced pulling resistance.

  • trick hook round

    A straight trick hook with a high rooting recovery rate is mixed with a round shape that makes it difficult to separate the hung squid.

  • real bait finish


  • traditional color



    Even in situations where UV rays are difficult to reach, such as cloudy weather or turbidity, the body's color emission characteristics demonstrate its appeal.
    *NLM/NRDR only