Yamashita EGI OH LIVE Search (Rattle)

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High appealing model with rattle and 490 Glow.
Equipped with warm jacket that brings life to the Egi.

Unlike human beings, squid eyes specialize in the function of sensing the difference between light and dark because they live in the ocean with limited light.
“490 Glow” emits light with a wavelength of 490 nm (unit: nm (nanometer)), which is considered to be the most sensitive to many squids. This light creates the largest difference in light and darkness (light contrast) for squid in dark mornings and evenings, and in the sea at night.


7.0 g (No. 2.0)
10.5 g (No. 2.5)
15.5 g (No. 3.0)
21.5 g (No. 3.5)

Subsidence speed

(No. 2.0) About 5 seconds / m
(No. 2.5) About 5 seconds / m
(No. 3.0) About 3.3 seconds / m
(No. 3.5) About 2.8 seconds / m