Slash Dry tank bag SL-285

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Penghantaran dikira semasa daftar keluar.

In the fishing scene, your bag may get wet due to rainfall or water dripping on it.

In the Dry Series, the fabric itself is waterproof and does not allow water to pass through. In addition, it is made of extremely thick and abrasion-resistant fabric.

This durable fabric is safe even in hard areas such as offshore reefs and kayaking.

It is also convenient for storing wallets and clothes that you do not want to get wet.
Bag-in clothes and shoes soiled by rain or mud, and shut out water and mud stains since there are no seams on the inside.

Front pocket for small items.

Not completely waterproof. (Front pocket is not waterproof)

The opening is magnetic. Please close the opening and fold it over once or twice.