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Flying distance is justice!! Super wide area capture!!
Explosive flying distance x high-dimensional diving ability!!
The long-awaited 5m diver appears in the super deep crank!!

Japan-U.S. joint development!!
Kazuyoshi Kurosu × US Pro Staff

The Hardcore® Bullet Crank 5+ was created by the Japanese and American development teams working together based on the requests of Japanese professional staff member Kazuyoshi Kurosu and US professional staff active in MLF and BASS .

Achieves a diving depth of 5.5m by casting with 14lbs. line!! This is a deep crankbait that can completely conquer the 5m range, with the explosive flight distance of the mag bullet and the feeling of use after reaching the range.

Equipped with the next generation center of gravity movement system “MAG BULLET® (Magnetic Bullet Weight Transfer System) International Patent”

Adopts triple mirror body

Adopts new friction lip

  • Equipped with MAG BULLET® (magnetic bullet weight transfer system)

    International Patent

    Compared to the conventional New Magnet center of gravity movement system, "Flight distance 25% UP!! Capture area 55% UP!!"

    When casting

    Because the weighted balls move as a single mass without dispersing, the powerful impact generates propulsive force and creates explosive flight distance.

    when swimming

    The weight balls, which move as one mass, are securely fixed with a strong magnet in the abdomen. This eliminates variations in the center of gravity and provides stable swimming performance.

  • Reach a diving depth of 5.5m by casting 14lbs. line.

    By quickly reaching the target range and tracing for a long time, the chances of a bite will increase.

  • triple mirror body

    Three different mirror structures provide a variety of appeals that stimulate the predatory instincts of black bass.

  • new friction lip

    The lip shape grabs the slightest resistance and releases excess water flow, achieving both "rapid diving performance" and "amazing underwater maneuverability." It also supports ultra-high-speed retrieval that brings bass that do not respond to worms into reaction bites, and reduces the heavy pulling resistance that was the biggest disadvantage of super deep cranks, making it possible to continue reeling all day long.

  • Also useful for reservoir midsummer deep cranking!

    Ideal for deep cranking in the rocky areas of reservoirs and in midsummer and winter when bass tend to fall into the deep water!!

R1421- Floating

Size 80mm

Weight 27.5g

Hook size #3

Ring size #4

Flying distance 50m+α

Range 5.5m floating