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Offshore casting rod Proton BC (boat casting) that uses high-strength material TORAYCA® T1100G and full-length 4-axis fabric. Flexible and powerful muscular blanks. Overwhelming flight distance and operability. Power that doesn't give the opponent control. Tenacity that reduces the burden on anglers. Close the distance to the fish more comfortably and powerfully.

DPS18 for 83-3. 83-4 and 84-6 use DPS20 with down lock. All models use SD nut + original lock nut to prevent the reel from loosening.
Adopts a round shape that reduces pain when holding the rod against your stomach or lower back.
(83-3 is EVA. 83-4 and 84-6 are FUJI BRC specifications)
All models have removable grips that are convenient to carry.


High strength and high rigidity stainless steel frame guides are used for all guides. Ocean Guide MN Guide (SiC/SiC-S) + K Guide (SiC-S) specifications. Double wrapping adopted for double foot guide