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Introducing AURIE-Q® LC (Long Cast Model)!!
A high-dimensional fusion of "flying distance", "dart action" and "stable fall"!!

By increasing the buoyancy of the body itself and maintaining balance, even with increased weight, the dirt remains sharp and a stable fall is possible to hold the squid.
In addition, by increasing the weight, it is possible to increase flight distance without losing balance even in crosswinds.

  • stabilizing fins

    The role of the vertical tail. While controlling rolling, it also plays the role of a bite marker.

  • Achieves both good grip and fall stability.

    The slightly fat shape of the waist part provides both good grip and fall stability.

  • Adopts “colored bird hair” that allows you to see the body color at a glance

    luminous body
    Blue luminous body / Super blue luminous body
    Keimura body
    clear body

  • trick hook round

    A straight trick hook with a high hook recovery rate is mixed with a round shape that makes it difficult to dislodge the hooked squid.

  • real bait finish



    Even in situations where UV rays are difficult to reach, such as on cloudy days or at muddy tides, the body's color emitting properties make it appealing.

    *NLM / NRDR / NRBW only

 Size 3.5, 22gm Sinking speed (3.2s/m)