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An expert frog that can be used for a variety of purposes such as dog walking and popping.

Steez Popper Frog & Steez Popper Frog makes it possible to imitate a more natural living frog thanks to the deep draft with the entire body submerged below the water surface and extremely low buoyancy (Jr. only). Jr.''

It is an easy-to-use frog that can be used in a wide range of situations, regardless of the area or situation, not only the popping and splashing caused by the cup on the front, but also the dog walking action produced by the slender body. The Steez Popper Frog, which anyone can easily attach an action to, is also highly recommended as an entry model for those trying frogging for the first time!

Deep draft/low buoyancy

■Pursuit of reality
If you closely observe a real frog swimming, you will see that when it is at rest, only its eyes are exposed above the water surface, and most of its body is submerged in the water as it floats. Also, even when they start swimming, they submerge their entire bodies in the water, leaving only ripples as they move forward. This extremely deep draft, as if it were half submerged, can be said to be the buoyancy of a realistic frog. (Jr. only)

■Improved hooking rate
Setting the draft deeper and buoyancy weaker also plays a role in improving hooking. The higher the pressure, the more frequent short bites will occur. The ability to be sucked into the bass's mouth even when the bait is weak during the post-spawn period is only possible because of its low buoyancy design, where the body is almost submerged in the water. (Jr. only)

popper cup

The splash and pop sounds produced by the popper cup on the front have a strong appeal when the water surface is rough due to rain, or when waves are generated by the wind. The size is set slightly smaller than the width of the body, which prevents the cup itself from interfering with hooking.

slender body

Not only does the front cup give an appeal through splash and popping, but the slender body also makes it possible to attract bass by dog-walking from side to side. With a long sliding action like a pencil bait, you can realistically imitate frogs and small fish running away on the water surface.