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Super compact "Chiquita Frog" with a total length of 38 mm, supervised by Yukiya Uchiyama. A frog is just a name, it is an ultra-small hollow frog that can even produce insects. It is no exaggeration to say that this extremely small body has opened a new door for hollow frogs, and with the advent of CT SV, it can now be handled with a bait reel without stress even when using thick PE line. You will also not feel stressed when using power spinning with a PE line set.

38mm super compact body


An ultra-compact body with a total body length of 38 mm and 6.2 g, which is probably one of the smallest hollow frogs. Not only can you produce smaller baitfish, but you can also produce insects, which are often the main bait for bass in field ponds and small reservoirs. It is effective not only with bait tackle that can handle lightweight lures such as CT SV, but also with spinning tackle with PE line.

Front cup + long skirt
imageAt first glance, the skirt (70mm) seems a little long compared to the body size, and the cup on the front is designed to entice you to take a closer look. The front cup itself acts as a resistance, and by making the skirt longer, the force that pulls it backwards will be stronger. The synergistic effect of these makes it possible for anyone to perform a light swinging action with minimal travel distance.

deep draft

A deep draft weight setting that reduces buoyancy and allows the body to sink deeply into the water. Compact frogs are susceptible to the effects of wind and waves, so setting a deep draft improves water bite and improves maneuverability. It also increases visibility from the bass, increasing your presence, and even short bites seen during the post-spawn period will be sucked into the bass's mouth, making it easier to hook.

Adopts silicone skirt

imageInstead of the rubber skirt that is usually used for frogs, we purposely use a silicone skirt. Silicone skirts have the advantage of being able to create transparent and vibrant colors. Also, since it has weaker buoyancy than a rubber skirt, it lowers the draft of the body itself and improves water absorption.

Tinsel skirt specification model
Tinsel is a material with high transparency and flashing effect.

This material, often used for fly fishing, is realistic and natural enough to fool trout, which are said to have very good eyesight. It also has a lighter specific gravity than rubber or silicone skirts (original model = 6.2g, tinsel model = 5.3g), which suppresses the sound of water landing and attracts bass with more delicate waves. It is also possible to imitate insect wings, so it is recommended to use it in situations where bass are picky about insects such as dragonflies and grasshoppers.

white black
blue shrimp
clear pink
splatter chart
spring smelt
artistic white
artistic black
'50 Mercury


STEEZ Chiquita Frog
Product name Size (mm) Size (g)  
STEEZ Chiquita Frog (Silicone Skirt) 38 6.2
STEEZ Chiquita Frog (tinsel skirt) 38 5.3
*Blue shrimp, clear pink, black bluegrass, and spring smelt have tinsel skirts.