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Attract fish with Intense Flashing!

Tonjigi is an offshore jigging pursuit aimed at albacore tuna, often referred to as dragonfly tuna.

Given the depths ranging from 300m to 1000m or more, precise targeting is essential, favoring jigs that facilitate specific aiming rather than bottom fishing.

The SALTIGA TB jig is tailored for this, boasting light resistance during jerking and a prolonged flashing descent in the air, prolonging its exposure to target fish.

This action proves highly effective for Tonjigi, creating intervals between bites and enhancing fishing yields by showcasing the jig with an extended fall.

Specification details
■Asymmetric thin long body
Natural fall and quick rise. We have completed these two propositions at a high level. Although designed to be as thin as possible, the shape has a keel at the center of the side to ensure sufficient strength. The fall is a natural fall that takes advantage of the characteristics of the thin body. Once in the jerk, the asymmetrical body allows for a quick start-up. Furthermore, the body edge has been tuned to reduce pulling resistance.
■Side slide keel
The slide keel placed on the side is a deadly item that guides the jig in the direction you want it to fly underwater. This keel's ability to respond sensitively to rod work is also a great achievement. It also supports the weak point of insufficient deformation strength.
■Adele Hologram
Adele hologram, which is a science of fish skin, and a long jig use a holo design that combines various holograms that are highly effective. By combining different patterns, you can appeal to a wide range of people from near to far. The alternating holo flashing effect drives the target crazy. A hologram pattern sticker on the back is placed in the center of the body, making the settings easy to understand.
Luminous image
Color Normal time During UV irradiation night light
adele magma full silver - -
adele miller pink head - -
adele parallel glow head -
american candy - -
Keimura Red Head Blue Zebra -
Keimura Glow Castanet
Keimura Glow Black Oily