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Saltiga KY jig is now available with a more detailed tune-up

Slim Long Jig Tailored for Amberjack Battles

Enter the KY Jig, meticulously crafted to harness the formidable might of the Genkai Sea in Kyushu. How does one outwit the cunning amberjack, hardened by relentless attacks day in and day out? And how does one sustain a relentless jerking motion throughout the day, despite the most unforgiving conditions such as deep waters, swift currents, and unpredictable drifting?

To address these dual challenges, we've meticulously honed the finer intricacies of the KY Jig. This updated model emerges as a sleek, slim long jig, engineered for enhanced usability.

Specification details
■Asymmetrically Slim Long Body Design
Balancing rapid descent and minimal pull resistance, the KY Jig II offers an optimal solution to these challenges. While its cross-section closely resembles a circle, the head section features a paddle-shaped flat surface, while the tail section is notably slim. This design minimizes water resistance, facilitating a swift descent speed. Simultaneously, it preserves slide performance post-jerk, while prioritizing seamless exit performance. With the KY Jig II, meticulous tuning of the edges minimizes flapping and noise, ensuring a smoother, hassle-free jigging experience.
■Adele Hologram: Merging Science with Design
Inspired by the intricate science of fish skin, the Adele hologram adorns the long jig with a mesmerizing holo design crafted from an array of highly effective holograms. Through the fusion of diverse patterns, this design captivates audiences both near and far. The alternating holo flashing effect elicits an irresistible allure, driving the target into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.
■Large Diameter Thick Shaft Wire Construction
Featuring a robust design with a large diameter thick shaft wire, our jig is engineered to withstand the rigors of intense battles and prevent breakage, even when facing formidable adversaries on the boat. This construction instills confidence in anglers, ensuring they can tackle large targets with peace of mind. Additionally, our assist hook is meticulously crafted to prevent tangling, further enhancing its effectiveness during encounters with powerful fish.