Slash ARCARD REAL-X Eging Rod

Slash ARCARD REAL-X Eging Rod

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Slash ARCARD REAL-X Eging Rod is designed that makes you want to be crisp all day long while maintaining the simplicity and robustness of it. Developed with the concept of soft torque sharp. For # 1, "ARCARD REAL-X" uses a cross-grid manufacturing method to reduce the dullness of ROD and add sharpness.
ROD is designed so that the repulsive force of ROD is moderately designed, and you can experience the actions of "ROD will follow the bending action" and "ROD will make the squid float".

TIP concept

# 1 is designed with a cross grid manufacturing method for soft and sharp action based on the concept that "ROD bends and follows the action". The GTR model is a solid + cross grid manufacturing method, and is designed to easily catch squid punches in the GTR fishing method.

Blank concept

Blanks designed with the concept of "ROD floats squid", and floats from autumn squid size to parent squid kilo UP.

Seat concept


Designed with a length and balance that makes it easy to shake without getting tired even if you shake it all day long. The grip length is set according to the characteristics and concept of each ROD.

Product name Characteristic


The light model 8.6ft is an action that allows you to cast a long distance while technically operating the small Egi 2.0-3.0.
ROD that produces an action with less burden on the angler in long stroke shakuri.
It is possible to throw a light egg far away and aim for squid technically. We also recommend torque that supports kilo-up.
CROSS-GRID manufacturing method & helical X specifications


<RUN & GUN Technical STYLE>

8.3ft of Langan Egging style that makes the best use of maneuverability. A
model in which the rod bends firmly despite M action, and continuous action and two-step shakuri can be easily performed. You can make full use of technical shakuri, and it is recommended for quick employment egging. Of course, the blanks that catch the kilo-up are still alive.
CROSS-GRID manufacturing method & helical X specifications



M action that can handle almighty situations. A standard item in both length and hardness.
A wide range of egg weights is just an almighty one that does not choose the scene.
It corresponds to various shakuri and is equipped with blanks that are comparable to the monster class.
CROSS-GRID manufacturing method & helical X specifications


<Land tip plan STYLE>

Designed for the optimum action for the "GTR-Ground Tip Run" advocated by SLASH. A solid tip design that emphasizes eye sensitivity, allowing you
to smoothly perform a series of movements from shakuri to reeling and rust, and to apply a "squid punch" that you have never felt before. We recommend a pendulum cast for the cast and a rolled pendulum for the shakuri.
CROSS-GRID manufacturing method & helical X specifications


<Natural STYLE> 

Designed with the concept of "do not give too much force to the egg and prevent it from making unnecessary movements, a length that is easy to use wherever you go, a supple bend and repulsive force that suppresses the unnatural movement of the egg".
Parabolic action that can be used up to 3.5, mainly 3.0.
This is the birth of ROD, which many anglers can easily, easily shake, and feel easy to use.
CROSS-GRID manufacturing method & helical X specifications