Shimano SALTY ADVANCE Jigging Rod

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Jigging & super light jigging models are now added for the serious saltwater game!

The Salty Advance line-up is designed to meet the needs of anglers who want to challenge the saltwater lure game and enjoy a variety of targets and is compatible with a wide range of fishing species. It features authentic specifications designed exclusively for each target species with high-cost performance. Five items have been introduced this season to cater to popular offshore categories such as jigging and super light jigging. The jigging model is equipped with the power and strength to catch large fish and is effective for catching fish weighing up to 10 kg. The super-light jigging model is suitable for jigging with metal jigs weighing less than 100 g. The performance is satisfactory not only for beginners but also for anglers who wish to challenge fishing from the shores.



Stainless steel frame K GUIDE

The guides are made of a stainless steel frame that is resistant to rust and has excellent strength. Furthermore, the K-guide design provides excellent trouble-free performance with PE line, so that even beginners who are not accustomed to handling tools can enjoy fishing comfortably.