QPlus Silicone Spray 350gm

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QP Silicone Spray is perfect for use on surfaces that may be damaged by conventional lubricants such as grease or oil

  • Protects with a dry lubricating film.
  • It helps prevent the cracking and drying of rubber.
  • Displaces water and prevents rust.
  • May be used where light-duty or silicone lubricants are recommended.
  • Formulated for use on metal to nonmetal or nonmetal to nonmetal contact surfaces.
  • Withstands temperature extremes of -40F to 500F.


Vehicle Uses For Silicone Spray:

Looking for a fast, simple and effective solution to vehicle maintenance? Enter silicone. Here are a few ways it can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape:

Gas Cap Doors:
Silicone spray is useful for lubing plastic latches, such as the ones on gas-cap doors.


Wiper Blades:

Spraying the frames of your wiper blades with silicone can lessen their tendency to freeze on cold mornings.

Door, Hood, and Deck-Lid or Lift-Gate Hinges and Latches: 

Use silicone spray to keep all the hinges and latches of your vehicle functioning smoothly and prevent rust buildup. Particularly in the winter, you don’t need to be fighting both the cold and a stubborn latch!

Door Lock Cylinders: 

You never know when your keyless entry system may let you down, so keep your lock cylinders working perfectly by spaying them with silicone from time to time.


Slow retracting seatbelt? Extend the belt fully and lightly spray it will silicone while letting it retract.

Manually Operated Windows:

A quick shot of silicone spray into the channel where your window moves up and down is an easy way to bring it back to one-finger operating ease.

Chassis Lubrication: 

When metal-to-metal surfaces are unlubricated, they begin to erode bushings and bearing surfaces. This causes suspension and steering joints to wear out, and ultimately fail. Silicone spray is an easy and inexpensive product to use to lubricate your chassis and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Door Weather Stripping: 

To keep ice from bonding the rubber to the metal doors, spray silicone on the weather stripping. This will make doors open and close smoothly, and help prevent tears in the weather stripping.

Car Window Tracks: 

Power windows moving slowly, or not at all? Use the straw tip to spray silicone onto the tracks and window seals. This should solve the problem and prevent future issues.

Fishing Equipment: 

It can be used for fishing reel to protect from saltwater rust, for fly fishing lures to make it float better, for fishing roads metal parts rings to avoid rust, and all the metal jigs, poppers, and hooks.