DRESS MAXIMUM WINDER EZ line spooling machine

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●Easy to wind line and change to empty spool!
●Super high speed! Speedy with a 4.5x single handle!
●Equipped with a special shaft that can be wound with an electric screwdriver!
●Equipped with an easy-to-grip round grip! is made of glass fiber-reinforced nylon resin and is lightweight! ●Built-in
5 ball bearings!

Economical line rewinding maintenance and desalting work by one person!

"Maximum Winder EZ"
is a line rewinding and line maintenance tool.
It is a must-have item that is useful for anglers who perform lure games with high line rewinding frequency.

Since the tension can be adjusted appropriately, it is possible to wind the line on the reel while applying tension to the line, making it easy to wind the line and change to an empty spool.
It is indispensable when you want to change the line or when performing line maintenance.

In addition, by applying an appropriate amount of tension, it is possible to prevent the PE line from biting into the spool when winding the line, reducing line troubles during fishing, and rewinding work can be performed efficiently.

4.5x ultra-high speed gear ratio, built-in 5 ball bearings, single handle for speedy work.

Compact and foldable design for convenient storage and carrying!

・About 245×212×110mm

■ Bobbin size:
・Maximum outer diameter 140
・Maximum length 90

■ Clamp maximum mounting width: 45mm

■Materials: Glass fiber reinforced nylon resin (body)/stainless steel (shaft)

■ Gear ratio: 4.5:1

■ Weight: 350g (when stored)

[1-I] Brake , [1-E] Bearing 12-21-5 , [3-C] Bearing 4-7-2.5 are consumables. We recommend regular maintenance and replacement.
This product does not have the pipe sheet that fixed the reel that came with the "Maximum Winder 4.5/1".

*The product does not include reels, empty spools, lines, etc.
*Do not touch the rotating shaft or spool. Doing so may result in injury.
*If you put your hand between the moving part or the handle and the body, there is a risk of injury. Also, if the line gets caught, it may break.
*Be careful not to get burned if you wind up on the reel with strong tension, as the moving parts of the main unit will become hot. In addition, continuous use may cause deformation of the resin parts.
*The maximum tension when winding the line on the reel body is about 2 kg. Rewinding with 2 kg or more is not possible with this product.
* When the main unit is attached to a table, etc., rubber marks may remain.
* Screws and nuts on the clamp and other parts may loosen due to vibration, etc.
*Be careful of backlash when winding from a double-axis reel.
* After use, store and store with the tension screw loosened.
* Please lubricate metal parts regularly. Failure to do so may cause rust.
*The main body is made of resin. It may be damaged if strong force is applied.
*Please do not use it for purposes other than winding fishing line.
*Keep out of reach of children or infants.
*Product specifications may change slightly without notice for each lot.