Daiwa System Surf Bag (E)

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A new shape that is easy to handle, surface material that is strong against water splashes!!

  • Two-layer structure (removable). An upper bag that can store tackles, accessories, clothing, etc, and the lower bag can store your fishing reels.
  • The upper bag has a square shape that makes it easy to put things in and out.
  • The top body fastener uses a waterproof fastener that is resistant to rain and splashes (not completely waterproof)
  • The lower bag has a separator that prevents the reels from contacting each other. M size can store up to 3 fishing reels.
  • The lower bag is a waterproof sheet that can also be used as a simple cooler
  • Pockets for PET bottles and towels on both sides
  • Shoulder belt with thick shoulder pad that is kind to the shoulder
  • With a large mesh pad that is strong against stuffiness and gentle on the back
  • Molded top handle that is easy to hold
  • Size M Dimension : Approximately 24 x 41 x 52 cm 
  • Size M Weight: Approx. 2.1kg