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The definitive jigging and casting game
Short type that does not interfere with wrist movement.
The palm, index finger and thumb are reinforced with genuine leather (cowhide) to support both spinning and bait reels.
Adopted finger or thick chloroprene rubber that hits the reel foot.
The instep uses a quick-drying stretch material.
It smoothly follows the action of squeezing.
*Please do not put it on top of other items or leave it wet with water or sweat.
 It causes decolorization and dye transfer.
*Products that are wet with water, seawater, sweat, etc. will fade.
 Also, please note that adding friction will make it easier to discolor.
Functions list
By using excellent stretch material that follows intense movements, it achieves stress-free comfort and a comfortable and comfortable fit.
UV cut
By using materials that block harmful UV rays, it protects the skin from sunburn and prevents skin problems.
Absorbs water and dries quickly (DRY)
■ Water absorption and quick drying (DRY)
Dries quickly and is dry and comfortable Moisture-
absorbing, quick-drying material that quickly absorbs, diffuses, and dries moisture such as sweat.
Keeps skin dry and comfortable.
Glove compatible size guideline [JASPO standard] (unit: cm)
M. L. XL (LL) 2XL (3L)
23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30

■ Glove size measurement method

Measure the circumference of the hand connecting A and B as shown in the left figure.

* The figures in the table are a guideline, not actual dimensions. Please choose the size after trying it on before purchasing.
* Products that use stretch material are made smaller due to the characteristics of the material. Be sure to try it on before choosing the best size.