Daiwa SEABORG G300J/JL Electric Reel

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  • Product Name: SEABORG G300J
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0
  • Winding Length (cm per 1 handle rotation): 83
  • Weight (g): 575
  • Maximum Drag Force (kg): 16
  • Standard Winding Amount (PE - No./m):
    • PE 3-400m
    • PE 4-300m
    • PE 5-230m
  • Standard Winding Amount (Nylon - No./m):
    • Nylon 5-280m
    • Nylon 6-200m
  • Bearings (ball/roller): 18/1
  • Maximum Winding Force (kg): 59
  • Normal Winding Speed at 1kg Load (m/min): 146
  • JAFS Standard Winding Force (kg): 14
  • JAFS Standard Speed (m/min): 190

Additional notes:

  • Maximum winding force is a reference value based on a power supply voltage of 13V and shaft torque.
  • Normal winding speed is the average speed under a load of 1kg at a power supply voltage of 13V.
  • JAFS standard winding force/speed refers to approximate values under standard conditions set by the Japan Fishing Tackle Industry Association (JAFS), also at a power supply voltage of 13V.

These specifications highlight the SEABORG 300J as a high-performance reel suitable for various fishing conditions, emphasizing durability, power, and precision.

15x points Daiwa [90] 21 Seaborg G300J Right Handle (G)