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Graphiteleader CORTO Limited 21GCORS-622UL-HS-LE

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High operability and high sensitivity are achieved by the good hand-cranking due to the short grip and the installation of a highly elastic solid. The guide is equipped with a titanium SiC-S ring to support ultra-fine ester lines. "Lightweight graphite cloth" is used for the butt part, and it has the power to safely exchange even unexpected big things. A rich lineup supports a variety of situations.

Uses a lightweight titanium frame SiC-S ring guide. AT guide + K guide specifications.
The original DPS down-lock grip is used to reduce weight and enable delicate rig operation.
Achieves weight reduction by keeping the rear grip to a minimum while adopting a separate grip
The joint part is a ferrule (reverse parallel connection) and draws a graceful bending curve like a dress.


Power Action Weight
Top Dia
1.88 UL F 54 96.8 0.6 MAX2 MAX2