Duel Hardcore Monster Shot 95mm [F1196] / 125mm [F1197]

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Over a maximum flight distance of 100m!
Jig distance x Plug appeal! !

High performance in both rockshore and offshore due to high strength thick body and through wire structure.
Immit weak baitfish with rolling fall action in horizontal position.
With a face design that catches water and a weight balance with an ultra-low center of gravity,
It can be used for all techniques, from fast to slow rolling, one pitch jerk, skipping, etc.

F1196 - Duel Hardcore® Monster Shot 95mm
Size : 95mm
Weight : 40gm
Ring Size : 4
Hook Size : 3
Casting Distance : Over 100m

F1197 - Duel Hardcore® Monster Shot 125mm
Size : 125mm
Weight : 60gm
Ring Size : 6
Hook Size : 1
Casting Distance : Over 100m