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Duel HARDCORE® X8 Pro Cast 200m

Duel HARDCORE® X8 Pro Cast 200m

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H.I.P (Heat Integration Process)


Improved wear resistance !!

Demonstrates about 3 times more wear resistance than normal PE

Drastic reduction in frictional resistance !!

By drastically reducing the frictional resistance, the guide friction is reduced, the flight distance is increased, and the reel winding is lighter.
In addition, the fluffing of the finger hooks during casting and misalignment is drastically reduced.

Sensitivity improved and operability improved significantly!!

The elongation of 100m plus 1kg is 44.4cm for
"HARDCORE X4 PRO / HARDCORE X8 PRO" compared to the conventional PE86.3cm!
Sensitivity is greatly improved by reducing the elongation by about 1/2!
Direct operability brings out 100% of the original performance of the lure.

Improved roundness !!

Since each yarn is in close contact with each other
, resistance during casting is reduced and the flight distance is increased !!
Furthermore, yarn squeal due to friction with the guide is suppressed.

Optimal elasticity and elasticity !!

Since there is tension, troubles during casting are drastically reduced. It is strong against the wind and has less guides, so you can fish without stress.

Color lineup

Switching the display method
4-color marking

4-color marking

4 color coding every 25m
1m black marking is placed at the middle point (12.5m) of each color.

Spec information

Length (m) number Color Straight line strong (Lbs.) Straight line strength (kg) Standard diameter (mm)

200m 0.6 4-color marking 13 5.8 0.130

200m 0.8 4-color marking 16 7 0.150

200m 1.0 4-color marking 20 9 0.170

200m 1.5 4-color marking 30 13.5 0.210

200m 2.0 4-color marking 35 16 0.240