Daiwa 21 CERTATE SW 5000-18000

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Large size CERTATE SW finally debuts in Certate, which is synonymous with tough spinning.

The large and thickened G1 duralumin tough digital gear is mounted on the built-in part of the tough MQ (monocoque) body.

Demonstrates high durability and smooth winding material. The ZAION air rotor, which has both strength and low inertia (low inertia) at a high level, supports high-response jerking and retrieval with light and powerful winding.

The high water protection performance of MAGSEALED, so the initial performance that lasts for a long time is proof of reliability.

The drag performance is a new generation drag system that boasts the durability of 200% or more compared to the past. The drag click sound is a big sound specification that echoes. ( Excluding 5000 and 6000 ) LC-ABS, which demonstrates excellent trouble-free performance over distance, greatly changes the cast feel of the past.

The high gear model, which is mainly used for casting, uses a high grip egg knob, and the power gear model, which is mainly used for jigging, uses a lightweight round EVA knob. (All 5000 and 6000 are power light knobs)