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Peanuts set to super wide action on the verge of collapse. It snakes from side to side and doesn't swim straight, but when you knock on the bottom, it's like a crayfish running away. It is equipped with a slightly longer lip, which may seem difficult to use with Okappari, but it is designed to be used with a lump on the bottom, imagining a crayfish, so it has a longer lip.
Specification details
■Crayfish color
All lineup is in crayfish color. We decided on this color lineup because we wanted people to use it on the bottom, and we wanted people to use it with the image of crayfish. I don't intend to develop ranges such as SR/MR/DR, but it is equipped with a long lip aimed at hitting the shallow bottom.
■Let him notice with a rattle, and feed him with a super wild action that is on the verge of collapse.
The key to using the rattlin type is to make the bass notice the lure in situations where visibility is poor, such as when it is extremely turbid. Play a weighted ball in the rattle room to generate a one-knocker sound to alert bass.
Wild action is an action in which the fish does not swim straight, but meanderes from side to side with strong wobbling motion. It is characterized by not swimming in a straight line, and by generating this swimming while hitting the bottom, you can create the action of the crayfish meandering along the bottom and escaping. Recommended to use with slow to medium retrieve.