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The real shad worm set "SB-RODEM" exclusively for sea bass now has a mini size that is recalcitrant and compatible with microbaits!

By adopting a triangular section boomerang body shape and an extremely small tail, it generates waves similar to small fish when reeling for free, and is also compatible with wind fishing methods that make large darts from side to side when jerking.

During slow retrieves, the tiny duck fin tail, inspired by the shape of waterfowl's flippers, produces an action that only vibrates slightly.

During fast retrieve, the rear half of the boomerang-shaped worm vibrates while undulating in the water current, creating waves similar to a small fish desperately running away.

By bending the worm part in the center, it darts widely and stably from side to side when wind fishing using a jerk action, inducing a reaction bite. The abdomen of the jig head has an eye that can also be equipped with a treble hook. Real shape design that looks just like a baitfish that is resistant to eating.

The tail is equipped with a ``duck fin tail'' that is inspired by the shape of a waterfowl's flipper, and has a body that looks just like baitfish and is full of eating sensation, which has a proven track record in the duck fin shad series.

Its unique shape grabs water well and swings left and right in a pendulum-like manner, so even if the size is minimized so as not to affect the wind, combined with the thin tail bent into a boomerang shape, it produces firm vibration and roll action. Appealing from both the wave motion and its realistic appearance.

7gm - 3/0 hook

10gm - 3/0 hook

MORETHAN SB-RODEM mini-SPARE BODY = 7pc per pack