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A finesse buzzing bait that you just throw and reel.

Top is the most exciting and fun fishing. This floating worm Kickel Curly was developed to allow you to enjoy such fun top fishing easily and affordably.
You can create a gentle buzzing action just by throwing and reeling it, and once you experience the part-time bite scene that explodes on the surface of the water, you are sure to get hooked.
Made of elastic and soft elastomer material, it has excellent elasticity. It is a long-awaited easy bait for beginners as it has enough weight to make it easy to cast and flies well.

Finesse approach buzzing worm! ! Easy to use even for beginners, just throw and roll!

Quantity (pieces): 3

■Body size
Kickel Curly: Total length 82mm, weight 5.5g

Hits a stable distance.
By using soft materials, it exhibits very weak buzzing action.
■Hook set assist marker
It is located slightly below the tip of the head, and by stabbing from this position you can produce a stable action.
■Elastomer material
If stored together with general worm material, it has the property of melting, so please store it in a separate container.