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Induces reflex eating!  Dart action head
Induces reflex eating (reaction bite)! It is effective not only for jig head rockfish specialized in dart action but also for day game threadbare.

- Add rod action to easily produce dart action that jumps left and right. Excellent compatibility with Moonlit Beauty Dual Beam Worm!
・Easy to thread the line! Large line eye!
・Equipped with a success hook that has amazing penetrating power!
Specification details
■Front/Low Center of Gravity Design
In order to achieve crisp dart action, the head side has a structure that firmly absorbs water. Also, maintain a posture so that the worm hook does not stand up too much when darting (making it easy to catch).
■ Worm installation image

■Ideal for rockfish and horse mackerel.Rockfish
that reacts to the reaction. Dart type jig heads and worms are essential items.